Changing our Future with Environmental Investing

As a firm, we are concerned that the human race is destroying the planet with current levels of consumption and pollution. The status quo is unsustainable and significant change is needed.

The investment industry is part of the problem by supporting and financing the unsustainable practices. We believe responsible investing can play a key role in shaping a better world and building a sustainable future. The World Wildlife fund has made a film that beautifully describes the problems that we are facing. You can watch it on Netflix by searching for “Our Planet Too big to fail”

One of the old myths with sustainable investing is that it yields a lower return when compared to carbon intensive industries. But the data tells a different story. A recent study by Morgan Stanley of more than 10,000 mutual funds found that sustainable equity funds usually had equal or higher median returns and equal or lower volatility than traditional funds.

We have created a range of portfolios that are aligned to environmentally sustainable principles, specifically excluding oil and gas industries that make up a large part of many portfolios. If you would like more information about investing sustainably, please contact us for a free discovery meeting.