Retirement Planning

How much is enough?

Imagine you have more than enough money to last you for the rest of your life and you need never worry about money again. You can live the lifestyle that you want without the fear of ever running out of money.

The only problem is, you just don't know that you have enough!

We work with our clients to help them understand how much is enough. We help you to know when you have enough. We help you to identify when you no longer need to go into work.

We use a detailed expenditure questionnaire to identify how much your lifestyle in retirement costs, click here to download and we build cashflow models to see when that lifestyle becomes affordable.

We have had many clients come to us for advice who have said they wished they met with us 20 years ago. Often they are in their mid seventies and not as healthy as they used to be. The problem is, they never realised they had enough. No-one has told them they had enough. No-one had told them to stop work and start enjoying themselves while they were fit to do so. They were still saving for a rainy day and now with failing health they can't do the things that they planned to do one day.

Our planning can make a real difference to your life. Our planning can help you to life the lifestyle that you want without the fear of ever running out of money. We continually review your plan to ensure that you keep on track to maintain the lifestyle that you want.

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